Last week of planning…

June 7, 2009

Laura, Marilyn, and I (JoAnn) are in our final week of planning the trip to Germany. We’re sharing thoughts about the travel plans and working on our family tree information. We’ve bought new photography equipment and travel laptops and software. We’re nearly ready to roll.  The 5th cousins 10 times removed await!


2 Responses to “Last week of planning…”

  1. jaugieatlarge said

    The Eurail pass came yesterday. That was fast. I order it on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. The expedited shipping wasn’t cheap but it was effective. We can use the train 8 days and we will.

  2. Debi Kadilak said

    Good Luck on your journey! I hope Germany is aware the “Aaugustine sisters” will be arriving…LOL

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