June 17, 2009

The second town we visited on Tuesday yielded the clearest sign of our Freking ancestors.  The street sign boldly declares the name Freking, and the people who live on that street are all Frekings. We buzzed the street twice, enjoying the rural setting and scheming for future communcation with our Freking cousins.  They don’t speak English, Marilyn knows through prior contacts.

The farms along Frekingweg are devoted to laying hens. We also saw a few horses. Marilyn spoke to a young man at the Rathouse (city hall), who invited us to return on the weekend for the annual town party. So we know where we’ll be on Saturday!  Drinking dark beer and trying to understand Freking cousintalk.

There is a local custom, both in Steinfeld and in Damme, that is very odd to our eyes: life-sized statues of Christian saints and crucifixes in shrines in front of homes. There is one across from the Freking Weg street sign. Many of the beautiful homes in Steinfeld had these shrines in front.


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