June 17, 2009

Tuesday we began to explore the territory around a beautiful little town called Steinfeld and another called Damme (pronounced Dahma). Marilyn has printouts of the locations of a number of Freking ancestors’ farms in the area.  These ancestors lived in the area in the 1600s! 

So, we’re walking around this little town carrying these printouts and trying to locate the exact spot where Googlemaps tells us our great great great great great great (that’s six “greats”) grandfather lived.  When we found it, it was in the middle of a little park.  We figure that the original farm was donated to the church (St. John the Baptist cathedral sits on our ancestral land). In the cathedral, behind the alter, is the most amazing life size carving of the Last Supper.

Everywhere we look in Steinfeld, there was a horse, painted bright colors or decorated with sparkly mirrors.  It reminded us of the cows in Sonoma. Remember them?


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