The Cemetery in Steinfeld

June 18, 2009

I’ve been to cemeteries before and, as odd as it sounds, enjoyed prowling among the stones. Normally (at least in my experience) there is a lot to be learned about people from their headstones. Well, such is not the case in Steinfeld’s cemetery. On most of the headstones all you get is the name of the family who purchased the plot.

We were also most amazed at how beautiful the plots are. Each one is a small garden, landscaped with walls and paths and planted with bushes and flowers and even trees.  They are each unique.

We found a plot for the “family of Ferdinand Freking.” This was not our grandfather, a man of the same name, because he is buried in Iowa. So, this is another Ferdinand Freking.  Marilyn has spoken with a Peter Freking who says his grandfather was Ferdinand Freking, but we know it was not the same Ferdinand as our grandfather.  Maybe we were looking at Peter’s family’s ancestral plot.

Tomorrow we will visit the archives of the regional authority, where we should be able to review birth, death, and marriage records.  It should be a treasure trove.  We’ll be leaving quite early to get there by 9:00 a.m.

We had an amazing meal in Steinfeld – a tapaplatte for three, which includes a drink for each person.  The plate was piled with all kinds of delights: shrimp, peppers, mushroom, eggplant, marinated pork, melon, chilis, and more. The place was called “Chilis” and was right on the square where we thought the Freking farm was.  Our new contact at the RatHaus tells us that cannot be true, as the old church was on that site from the 1100s forward.


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