In the Archives at Vechta

June 19, 2009

This morning was our trip to Vechta to look through the archives of both Steinfeld and Damme (which includes Haverbeck).  Last night Marilyn spoke to Ewald Boldman, brother-in-law of Karl Runde, our host.  Ewald has done a lot of ancestry research, so he knows the ropes.  Luckily, he is retired AND very interested, so he agreed to accompany us.  He arrived this morning just after 7:00 a.m. for our drive to Vechta.DSC_0301

Ewald was a great help, first to get us to the right town, then the building. When we arrived and signed in, we received a brief orientation to the books and computer images from a pleasant English-speaking man. Then we hit the books.

We worked for more than three hours, found a LOT of Frekings (not all of them part of our direct line of ancestry), and saw pictures of houses and kids that are connected to the Freking family. We filled in some dates for some early ancestors.  Though we did get more information about the other Ferdinand, we’re still not certain the Peter Freking we’ll be talking to this weekend is who we think he is.  We’ll be able to ask him some questions, however, that might help identify him.

We didn’t find out if Paula Meyer-Freking is a relative, unfortunately.

Some of the records are written in script, which Ewald was able to read for us. It was odd how strange those names looked when written in German handwriting!

We went to lunch pretty satisfied but aware that this work takes a lot of time. We may return on Monday, or we may hope that Stephen Honkomp in Steinfeld finds enough that we can avoid further archive diving.


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