Spargle Gala

June 20, 2009

We arrived in northern Germany in the midst of spargle season, and you can’t miss it if you eat out. Restaurants have a special menu insert called variously “Spargle Gala” and “Spargleplattes”.  Signs along the road talk of spargle.  So, what it it?  Asparagus.

The first night we ate out, at a Ratskellar in Damme right next to the RatHaus, we all had spargle in some form.  By the way, we love the word. We may never call it asparagus again.

I ordered from the Spargle Gala menu, having a melange of green spargle, chicken, and onions in a very nice light creamy sauce.  Marilyn and Laura each chose a schnitzel (sp?) so they also ordered a side of white spargle (the kitchen was featuring white spargle).  The plate of spargle was huge, but that might have been because it was for both of them.

The schnitzel was quite good. Marilyn’s was pork with ham inside. Laura’s was best, in my opinion – another pork but this time stuffed with cheese.

I haven’t brought my camera to dinnner, so – sorry – no spargle photos.


One Response to “Spargle Gala”

  1. Cathy Neuschatz said

    I’m heading to the market to buy some spargle today–it is really a great word….

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