Transition Day

June 24, 2009

Yesterday was a moving day. We took the 9″53 train from Osnabruck to a suburb of Amsterdam called Hilversum.  Our host, Donald, picked us up with his friend Jim (so that we and our luggage could be accommodated). After settling our bags into the house, Jim drove us to a lovely restaurant so that we could have a long lunch, while Donald and Jim went about their business.

We are living in an art gallery, seriously.  Everywhere we look is another sculpture or painting or glass art!  When we returned from a trip to the grocery store last night, Donald put some classical music on the CD player and we spent the rest of the evening enjoying the ambiance.

Across from the house in front is a “nature park” with cows and sheep grazing all day. In back, there is a canal, which Donald says was built to bring supplies to the homes of those who had moved to the country to escape the smelly city. The smell at that time came from the hot weather warming the garbage-dump canals.

On the balcony overlooking the canal there are large planters. In one of them, a mama duck has been sitting on her nest of eggs, Donald says, for nearly a month. He’s concerned because 1) she is destroying his plant and 2) the eggs must be infertile because they should have hatched by now.  We hope that she will hatch them by the time we leave. Marilyn has named her – Mary Jane.  Donald mentioned that her choice is interesting, because that is a nickname for marijuana. That didn’t disssuade Marilyn, but it is certainly not the reason for the name. She says the name came to her because the duck is very clean, neat and ready to go.

Mary Jane on her nest

Mary Jane on her nest

The sun  doesn’t set here until 10:30 p.m.  It makes for a long lovely evening!


3 Responses to “Transition Day”

  1. jaugieatlarge said

    Update: This morning it was clear to the most sympathetic of us that the eggs were bad. The smell was overpowering. JoAnn tossed them into the canal, feeding the carp and freeing all of us (including of course Mary Jane) from the burden. The smell remains, however.

  2. Peggy Kopp said

    Loved your blog, got to see your beautiful scrap book from Marilyn. I know Marilyn from church, it turns out you stayed at my brothers house in ‘gravesland. I would dearly love to send some of the photos of him and the gallery to him, did not see the picture from the book in your blog. If you could please forward to my by e-mail and I will send to him. thank you
    Peggy McSorley Kopp

    • jaugieatlarge said

      Did I ever send you the photo? I have not looked at the messages on the blog for so long, I apologize for this message out of the blue so many years later. I loved that trip and staying at Donald’s gallery. I hope all is well with him and his business. I think he has not yet visited and stayed at Marilyn’s house, right?

      Anyway, if you get this, you can send me an email and I’ll get it promptly.

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