“Lost” in the Park

June 26, 2009

Imagine how lost I might have been if I’d been on a bicycle, with the additional speed and range!.  As it is, I went out walking and returned after 90 minutes.  It was a good walk, but I was turned around (otherwise known as “lost”).  Everyone I encountered was a visitor, too. Finally found a couple on bicycles who had a map. Then we stopped two young who were locals.  With a local and a map, I was in business.  It turns out I wasn’t far from “home” and it took only a few minutes to find the sheep and the  cows.

After I returned, Marilyn and I spent the next few hours working with family tree information and sharing photographs. I got Marilyn’s laptop hooked up, used a couple of USB memory sticks, and transferred all my and Laura’s photos to her laptop. Now she’s happily viewing our trip in full living color, digitally.

We’re playing together on our little netbook computers.


One Response to ““Lost” in the Park”

  1. Carol Abrahamsen said

    Whew! I can just guess how you felt JoAnn. Glad you made it home safe. I am loving this. I get up every day and “tune” you in. It must be hard on you though, because you have to be on it every day. I was the “journalist” on my trips with the girls, and I know that sometimes you just want to relax and forget about doing it. However, it will always be something you have to look at and treasure. Memories are made of this!!!

    Love, Carol

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